The Very Serious Crafts Podcast, Season 2: Episode 21 – Show Notes

You’re reading The Very Serious Crafts Podcast, Season 2: Episode 21 – Show Notes: Dreadful Doll Heads, Haunting Hairwork, and Strange Places We Craft!

The Very Serious Crafts Podcast, Season 2: Episode 21 – Show Notes
You’re reading The Very Serious Crafts Podcast, Season 2: Episode 21 – Show Notes: Dreadful Doll Heads, Haunting Hairwork, and Strange Places We Craft!

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S2E21 Show Notes:

Here’s a roundup of the resources, patterns, and projects mentioned in this episode:

Get Naked

♥ The Get Naked Bathmat:
♥ Update on Mollie’s crazy email: The person responded and found it funny. Phew!

Hairwork: Victorian Mourning Jewelry and Beyond

♥ The impressive family hair wreath that started it all:

♥ Never Forgotten by Courtney Lane:
♥ 4 Common Hairwork Myths (also from Courtney Lane):

♥ Bobbin lace fan made from hair that Haley saw at The Met:
♥ Woven Strands exhibition at the Mütter Museum:
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Our special exhibition WOVEN STRANDS is a rare display of several private collections of hair art. A favored folk art of the 18th and 19th century, hair art was a sentimental expression of grief and love, usually created by women whose identities have become anonymous over time. On April 8 we're hosting a special event to celebrate this exhibition: Brush up on your hair art history, comb our collection for hair specimens, and let your hair down with an evening of music and cocktails. To find out more and get tickets, visit (link in bio) 📷 by @evi.numen #wovenstrands #muttermuseum #museumevent #event #visitphilly #philadelphia #hair #hairart #art #mourning #exhibition #victorian

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♥ Woven Strands, The Art of Human Hairwork:
♥ Hairwork graveyards from Morbid Anatomy:
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On Jan 18, we'll be launching a new exhibition on Victorian hair art at Philadelphia's Mütter Museum! Entitled Woven Strands: The Art of Human Hair Work, this exhibition will showcase extraordinary examples of Victorian artworks made from human hair. Curated by collectors John Whitenight and Evan Michelson in tandem with Emily Snedden Yates, the exhibit will be on view from January 19 through July 12, 2018, and will open with a reception on Thursday, January 18 (tickets here). As part of the show, Morbid Anatomy will also be producing a hair art workshop with our former hair artist in residence Karen Bachmann on April 7, and a symposium dedicated to the craft on April 8; more on both of those to follow soon. Image: Hair art dome, circa 1887: From the collection of John Whitenight & Frederick LaValley; photo by Alan Kolc For more, click link in profile.

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Since last class sold out so quickly, we are adding another Victorian Hairwork Workshop with @karen.bachmann on June 23rd. You can find tickets in the link in profile. Date: Saturday June 23 Time: 10am - 4pm Admission: $150 Location: Private Location - Address disclosed upon ticket purchase The 19th century of the Victorian Era was a time rife with sentimental culture. Death rates were high due to numerous factors including disease, war, and high childhood mortality. Queen Victoria was an unlikely fashion icon and submerged herself in mourning after the deaths of both her husband, Prince Albert, and her mother in 1861. Aside from her mostly black wardrobe, she was widely known for her love of mourning jewelry, which very contained hair of a loved one inside. Victorian hairwork became very popular in both jewelry and shadowbox form during the 19th century and into the beginning of the 20th century. It transcended the concept of a wearable human relic into a fashion statement during this time period. In todays workshop, participants will learn to create wire-work and palette worked hair items that would be used in shadowbox creation. We will be working with copper wire and horsehair to form intricate twists and braiding that can be manipulated in various ways to form flowers, leaves, berries, and other shapes. Participants will be able to make an item suitable for mounting in a frame, or wearing as a brooch or hairclip. All materials, including horsehair, will be provided by instructor. Participants are welcome to bring human hair if they like! Professor Karen Bachmann teaches at both Pratt Institute and Fashion Institute of Design. She specializes in jewelry, holloware, and decorative art. She has particular interests in medieval memento mori and 19th century sentimental work. She is a practicing studio jeweler and a former master jeweler at Tiffany & Co. She has had work published in Art Jewelry Today, and the Lark 500 series books. Written published work includes Hairy Secrets: Human Relic as Memory Object in Victorian Hairwork Jewelry. Her most recent publication is an essay on hairwork in the book Death: a Graveside Companion, Thames & Hudson.

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♥ Trendy Victorian-Era Jewelry was Made from Hair from National Geographic:
♥ Hairwork, An Introduction from Art of Mourning:
♥ Hairwork Jewelry from the FIDM Museum:

Creepy Crafting With Dolls

♥ Doll Head Planters:
♥ A Doll in a Jar:
♥ Creepy Doll Terrarium:
♥ The Glowing Creepy Doll Head:

Pom-Pom Costume and Jack-o’-Lantern Sweater

♥ The Very Serious Crafts Podcast, Season 1: Episode 14 – Creepy Craft Supplies, Pumpkin Latch Hook, and DIY Costumes for Grown-Ups:
♥ Heidi’s Jack-o’-Lantern Sweater:

Group Topic: Places You Can Craft

♥ Haley feeling awkward at The Wing:

♥ Places You Can Knit on Instagram:

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VSC Half-Stitched

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Carving Pumpkins

♥ Haley’s cranky pumpkin:

♥ Haley’s “Vote” pumpkin:
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I carved a pumpkin! 🎃🎃 #vote

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♥ It’s Halloween by The Shaggs:

The Very Serious Crafts Podcast, Season 2: Episode 21 – Show Notes
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